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Babylon 5, Danger And Opportunity Info & Download

Unread postPosted: 31 Mar 2013, 16:23
by Brut
Pôvodný názov / Original title
Babylon 5: I've Found Her

Hra inšpirovaná seriálom / Game inspired by a series of
Babylon 5

* hra je stále vo vývoji / game is still in development
in 2017 the development stopped, we are working on get more info...

sk -


Official Download

Originálna stránka raz ide raz nejde, v prípade potreby si hru stiahnite z nášho ftp
The original website is not always online, in case its offline download the game from our ftp.

Download Stuff /Local FTP/
Name: gamesftp

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Full Game Install
Latest patch 1.15rc6
Official Mission Packs
Mission Builder
Player Crafted Missions
Player Crafted Ships
Labels & Promo
Documents - Hyperspace Map, IFH Timeline, IFH Tactics Guide, IFH Coding

Official Trailer
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Fan Trailer
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Quick GameTour Video
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